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Work Experience at JJ

Published: 14/03/2016

JJ Marketing


My name’s Nicole, I’m a 19-year-old Media student currently studying at Reading College. I’m looking to go into Fashion and Business Management at uni, with a lot of the course involving marketing and PR. As a bit of a novice in both of these areas, I thought I ought to try to get some experience to help me better understand the marketing world and see if it was for me!work experience at JJ

My Work Experience Diary

JJ really stood out to me as being a dynamic and energetic company and I feel really lucky to have been able to gain key experience at such a diverse company. Everyone was so supportive and welcoming, I’d recommend it to anyone.

Here’s a bit about my week…

Day One

On arrival to the office I felt quite nervous to meet a new group of people but was quickly put at ease when I walked through the front door and was greeted by Hannah; who gave me  a tour of the bright and lively building. Everyone was really friendly and seemed genuinely happy to be there (even if it was a Monday morning!). I was then greeted by Fergus, who is  the Group Account Director and was quickly tasked with carrying out some competitor analysis for one of the automotive companies JJ deals with. Near the end of the day the guys in  the office were taking bets for their charity football match that night against another office’s team, everyone got involved and it was really fun to see that everyone enjoyed being with  each other and that they really were a big team! The jobs I was given on my first day were a really useful insight into the sort of work market researchers carry out and I left feeling  satisfied I’d been useful and done something constructive for the team.

Day Two

colour outside the linesMy second day at JJ was really interesting as I got to find out more about market research and different management systems companies use. I started the day by doing some research into different types of
CRMS (I didn’t know what this was when I started but it stands for ‘customer relationship management systems’). During this task I found multiple different systems and prepared a document comparing the services they offered, their prices and their reviews. After that, I got to do a bit of online stalking! Well, not quite…I was asked to find out as much as I could about a potential new business for JJ; this meant finding out information about its key workers, recent ad campaigns, taking a look at anything they’d been in the press for recently and having a look around their social media platforms.

It’s crazy how much information you can find out given the internet, a key word and a couple of hours!


Day Three

I was really looking forward to work on Wednesday as I knew I was getting put with some of the digital guys and it also meant I got to sit in on my first ever conference call! That was a pretty exciting prospect for me as I felt I was really getting shown what it was like to work in a busy, professional environment. The conference call took place to show us a Pulsar demo which is a social media tracking platform. Some of the guys who work with social media also talked me through LinkedIn and helped me setup my own profile, which was really useful for my professional online presence! I was also working on potential content for JJ’s blog posts as well as looking at any changes that could be made to the JJ social media accounts. By my third day I also really started to notice a common theme with everyone at JJ…they’ve really got a thing for tea!

drink tea creative

Day Four

On Thursday, my fourth day at JJ, I was given the chance to partake in a lot of magazine research and work. This was a really interesting part of my time at JJ as I got to see another area in which the office worked. I spent part of my day researching and finding magazine covers for one of JJ’s clients Filippo Berio and then helped create a pagination plan for an SSE staff magazine. I was slightly sad to leave the office on Thursday as I knew Friday was my last day.

Day Five

On my fifth and final day at JJ, I was tasked with finding Virtual Reality headsets that could be used at a corporate event for Auto Trader. I had no idea Virtual Reality had taken off and was such a big thing until I started doing this research – I think it’s time to buy a headset! At lunch a lot of us went to the pub to grab some food and a drink, this was really nice as I was made to feel so included and it was so nice to talk to everyone whilst scoffing burgers! The team at JJ are all so kind and supportive of each other it really feels like you’re welcomed into their family when you’re here, even if it’s only for a week.

My experience at JJ has been so positive and has really helped me come to some great decisions about what I want to study at university. Everyone has been so supportive and encouraging, I couldn’t recommend working here  more!

Thanks JJ’ers!

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