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User Onboarding – Going further than UX

Published: 07/01/2016 | AUTHOR: Jonathan Sivyer

User onboarding UX

User Onboarding has recently become a focal part of the User Experience (UX) discipline and, put simply, its aim is to help turn first-time visitors into loyal, regular customers.


The onboarding and UX relationship

It’s a simple brief to the UX team – ‘keep users on the site for longer so they engage more with the content’ – and this focus has resulted from data that shows nearly half of users don’t re-visit because their first-run experience of a site or app isn’t successful or memorable. Basically, it’s just not a satisfying enough experience to stop user churn or see those users become customers, let alone repeat users.

Research is also now suggesting that web users aren’t as interested in the ‘pretty’ look of sites as much as previously thought – but more that the activity/task they are taking part in, at that moment, is clear and encourages a sense of satisfaction. The extra focus here within the overall UX effort is changing this and aiding in users becoming more comfortable during, and satisfied with the result of, their activity online or within apps.


No need to pull your hair out

So user on-boarding is essentially about creating a state of psychological accomplishment – it’s aiming to achieve the goal of users mentally purchasing a successful result. The experience needs to evoke a quick positive feeling to secure user comfort, making all possible user tasks so obvious and self-evident that there is a complete lack of frustration from them.

User onboarding UX

Onboarding is becoming much more of a focal point in UX design and the value of the return from investment in this stage increasingly noticed by clients. There is no one catch-all approach and this is only a small part of a wider User Experience and Information Architecture activity that can, if done well, easily result in greater success with digital projects.

The team at JJ uses this approach to create a much more effective basis for other parts of the design and development process to be successful. The foundation of any digital facility, and its system of components, is then built on pre-defined user journeys. Our digital designers, web developers and content creators can use these predefined journeys to maximize the way brands engage consumers, creating compelling stories and successful user experiences in a rapidly evolving digital environment.

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