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  • Bill Shaw_510px
    Bill Shaw
    PR Director
  • Phil Dawson - Developer
    Phil Dawson
  • Jonathan Sivyer - Art Director
    Jonathan Sivyer
    Digital Design Director
  • Emily Clark_510px
    Emily Clark
    Senior Account Manager
  • Paula Cunningham2_510px
    Paula Cunningham
    Client Development Director
  • Marina Smith_510px
    Marina Picciano-Smith
    Account Manager
  • Toby Shelley_510px-sq
    Toby Shelley
    Account Executive
  • RAchel Sands_510px
    Rachel Smith
    HR Manager
  • DAvid Payne_510px
    David Payne
    Non-Executive Director
  • Gill Gibbons - PR Account Director
    Gillian Gibbons
    PR Director
  • Emily Bray_510px
    Emily Bray
    Account Manager
  • Bethany Lucas
    Bethany Lucas
    Account Executive
  • Gemma 510px sq
    Gemma Taylor
    Digital Designer
  • Jenny Lawrence - Art Director
    Jenny Lawrence
    Digital Designer
  • Rick Gillham_510px
    Rick Gillham
    Creative Artworker
  • CEO - James Goddard
    James Goddard
    Chief Executive
  • Katrina 510px sq
    Katrina White
    Account Executive
  • Hannah_Warrington_510px
    Hannah Warrington
    Office Administrator
  • Alex Horgan
    Alex Horgan
    Print & Production Manager
  • Henry Rossiter r2 510px sq
    Henry Rossiter
    Creative Director
  • Richard Skeels_510px
    Richard Skeels
    Client Director
  • Zea Endicott Lockhart_510px
    Zea Endacott-Lockhart
    Account Director
  • Scarlett-Harter_510px
    Scarlet Harter
    Senior Account Manager
  • Spencer Craig_510px
    Spencer Craig
    I.T. Manager
  • Mark Thomas 510px sq
    Mark Thomas
    Creative Artworker
  • Amy Garrett
    Amy Garrett
    Marketing & New Business Manager
  • Simon Meakin _510px sq
    Simon Meakin
    Planning Director
  • Barnaby Sayce - Account Manager
    Barney Sayce
    Account Manager
  • Fergus Cable-Alexander_510px
    Fergus Cable-Alexander
    Client Director
  • Dave Jones - Creative Director
    Dave Jones
    Executive Creative Director
  • Kat Wild_510px
    Katherine Wild
    Video Designer
  • Michael Cavanagh - PR Account Manager
    Michael Cavanagh
    Content Director
  • Tom Hunter_510px
    Tom Hunter
    Senior Account Manager
  • John Burns_510px
    John Burns
    Account Executive
  • Rich Henderson_510px
    Rich Henderson
    Digital Director
  • Sarah Ambrose 510px sq
    Sarah Ambrose
    Account Director
  • Dean Beckett_510px
    Dean Beckett
    Creative Artworker
  • Ed Howe_510px
    Ed Howe
    Production Director
  • Judy Stevenson - Management Accountant
    Judy Stevenson
    Management Accountant
  • Andi Holbrook
    Andi Holbrook
    Account Director
  • Gaetan Staples
    Gaetan Staples
    Account Executive
  • David Gardner - Head of Finance
    David Gardner
    Head of Finance
  • Andrew Andersz_510px
    Andrew Andersz
    PR Director
  • Fiona Spencer
    Fiona Spencer
    Senior Account Manager
  • Simon Hollis_510px
    Simon Hollis
    Brand Designer