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Arval, Europe’s largest full service vehicle leasing company, appointed JJ in 2013 to manage its social media presence, with the aim of raising awareness amongst consumers and potential SME customers, and repositioning it as a more innovative brand.

Previously focused on traditional forms of marketing, joining the world of social media has meant that Arval are talking to new audiences they have not been able to reach previously. The social media strategy focuses on Facebook and Twitter, and a year after launch, Arval’s social media presence is the largest in their industry, with almost 20,000 Facebook likes and 3,000 followers on Twitter. Their engagement rates across social media are also miles ahead of the industry average.

Arval has gone from being seen as out of touch with their audience, to a brand that is not only knowledgeable about the industry and celebrates innovation, but one that places the driver at the top of their agenda. The strategy has enabled Arval to communicate with a new audience – connecting directly through use of engaging content, competitions and relevant news.

In addition to this, JJ assists Arval with search marketing, digital and print design, direct marketing and PR.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media strategy and management
  • Brand repositioning
  • SEO

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