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‘Show someone they’re loved this Christmas’

Published: 06/11/2015 | AUTHOR: Zea Endacott-Lockhart

Man on the Moon

We all know Christmas is approaching when retailer John Lewis launches its much anticipated Christmas advert.

Partnering up with Age UK to create the 2015 ad, they tell the story of a young girl called Lily who tries to make contact with a lonely old man who lives on the moon. She sees him through her telescope wearing his tatty clothes, living in an old shed in a crater…

Lily makes many unsuccessful attempts to reach the man on the moon to wish him a Merry Christmas.

Christmas day soon arrives and we cut to a scene where a present floats to the old man’s feet – carried by a huge bunch of helium balloons. It is a present from Lily – a telescope he uses to look back at the earth. They see each other and he sheds a tear of joy.

As with all of the John Lewis adverts over the years, this one is sentimental, creative and moral.

For some, the lack of snowmen, bears, hares and penguins has attracted a negative response. But those characters weren’t needed this year. The ad manages to communicate the true spirit of Christmas through the eyes and hearts of the young and the old, as well as raising awareness of the millions of older people spending Christmas alone.

With a great balance of realism and fantasy, we don’t think John Lewis and Age UK could have landed this one much better. Echoing Age UK’s strapline “No one should have no one at Christmas” we think this ad will inspire people to ‘Show someone they’re loved this Christmas.’

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