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JJ Introducing Kieren Puffett

Published: 09/02/2016

JJ Marketing introducing Kieren Puffett

At JJ Marketing we are proud to boast a wealth of talent across our team. From talented PR and digital specialists to fantastic creatives and planners, our experts consistently deliver outstanding marketing and communications campaigns.

As a successful fully integrated marketing agency that continue to expand and develop, we are always keen for talented individuals to join the team and are thrilled to announce the arrival of Kieren Puffett, the experienced automotive journalist. Kieren joins us with a wealth of knowledge and is a fantastic addition to our already impressive automotive credentials. Here we talk to Kieren to find out a bit more about him, his background and what attracted him to JJ.

Kieren Puffett

What’s your background?

21 years as an automotive journalist and I started out on two wheels – motorcycles. Travelled around the world to places like Japan, Iceland, America, Africa and Europe on car launches, events and motorshows. Great memories of driving a huge range of cars and motorcycles in places all around the world – I’ve been very fortunate.

What do you love about automotive and marketing?

The car industry is truly one of the most fascinating and advanced in the world of manufacturing. It’s amazing what time and effort goes into conceiving, building and developing a set of wheels, and that’s why there are some great characters in the automotive world.

Marketing has become a sophisticated practice where creative and keen insights can deliver some truly compelling campaigns – I love the challenge of trying to bring that about.

What’s your big prediction for automotive this year?

Cars are becoming more sophisticated particularly in the area of safety and connectivity. Cars are already being launched where they act as WiFi hotspots for the family, and you can book restaurants and hotels, etc. on the move.

Safety kit is developing fast and Volvo has said no one will be killed or seriously injured in a Volvo by 2020 thanks to cars not only protecting passengers better in a crash, but also because they are getting good at avoiding them in the first place. Self-driving cars are a little way off yet but aspects of this technology are already with us.

What excites you about working at JJ?

The people. If you want to create great work, then work with great people. The really fascinating aspect at JJ is the collective way people work together – it really is integrated and is essential in us delivering integrated marketing solutions to our clients. It excites me about the work we can turn out and just how compelling it can be.

Are you a coffee or tea man?

Coffee morning, tea afternoon.

What’s your favourite car film and why?

Bullit – Steve McQueen is very cool in it, but the Mustang is king of the celluloid in that one.

What have you thought of JJ so far?

One week in and I am loving it. The people make it and I have only ever heard great things about JJ Marketing. The world of PR and Marketing is evolving, particularly the way companies engage with their audiences (such as content marketing) and I am really excited about the possibilities it brings.

Aside from cars, what do you get up to in your spare time and what interests do you have?

I love cycling, running and swimming, which is why I combine them to do triathlons. Also love foreign crime thrillers (books, TV series and films), cinema and fixing up old houses.

What’s your three desert island items?

Speedboat, satellite phone and endless supply of SOS flares, unless it’s a holiday destination then sun cream, book and mine’s a Mojito!

The last word on Kieren?

Be yourself – everyone else is taken.

So there you have it, up close and personal with our new PR Director. If you like what you hear why not check out our vacancies where you have the chance of working with a truly creative and collaborative bunch of people at JJ Marketing.

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