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JJ Introduces Kat Wild

Published: 07/03/2017

JJ introducing Kat

Here at JJ, we love to illustrate our creativity and see it brought to life in a variety of formats across a multitude of channels and that, as well as our immensely talented team, is what makes us a truly integrated marketing agency.

So we’re thrilled to introduce our latest recruit – experienced video designer Kat Wild. She brings a wealth of experience in video design and production as well as an impressive creative background and way of thinking (which means she’s settled in at JJ very quickly). We asked her to give us a bit of insight into what’s brought her to the team and what she hopes to achieve, aside from indulging her green tea habit.

Kat Wild

What’s your background?

As a child, I loved to draw and invent characters. I studied Art and Design at college but became fascinated with media and storytelling too. I did my degree in Animation, which I felt merged my love of art and narrative.

I was super lucky to be employed straight from university within a broadcast company, where I was able to grow my career. Ten years later, I’ve been blessed to have worked with some awesome clients such as Sky, CBS and AMC, to name a few.

What do you love about video and animation?

I love that video, when done well, can really stir emotion. A moving soundtrack can make us feel reflective or a quirky character can make us laugh. It’s a diverse and evolving medium, which means you’re always learning.

I recently taught myself to edit and now I’m learning 3D too.

What excites you about working at JJ?

The people here are super friendly and have made me feel really welcome. The client list is very impressive and I’ve already been pitching for some exciting video campaigns.

The standard of work here is also very high, which is important to me.

Are you a coffee or tea woman?

Always green tea, in regular doses.

What’s your predictions for video marketing?

It’s exploding and I think video will be used as standard with campaigns in the future.

Any examples of past work?

I created a fully animated reel for AMC Networks, who make Breaking Bad. I was asked to create characters of some of the heads of AMC and Bryan Cranston, bringing them to life with animation.

The video was presented to the top execs at AMC in LA.

AMC BRYAN CRANSTON REEL from Kat Wild on Vimeo.

What have you thought of JJ so far?

JJ seems to have the right balance of awesome clients, a perfectionist attitude to design and a friendly work environment.

Any hobbies?

I like to write and I’m currently working my way through a feature film screen play. I’m not sure it will ever be seen by anyone but I love getting lost in a story.

What are your three desert island items?

1. An epic-sized duvet
2. Chocolate marzipan
3. Radiohead’s “The Bends” Album

The last word on Kat?

I love talking ideas, so I would always encourage colleagues to come over for a chat if they want to mull things over.

Impressed with what Kat has to say about her JJ experience, or think you have something you can bring to the table? We always like to hear from talented, likeminded individuals, so get in touch about joining the JJ team.


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