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JJ Introduces Henry Rossiter

Published: 04/03/2016

JJ Introduces Henry Rossiter

At JJ we pride ourselves on having creativity at the heart and soul of everything we do, from when the initial brief comes in right through to production and analysis. That’s why it’s so vitally important for us to find the right individuals to help our imaginative mix really work.

We’re pleased to introduce one such individual, who has come into JJ and shaped many successful decisions and ideas. Creative Director Henry Rossiter talks about his journey to JJ, what creativity really means and how to make the perfect ‘posh builders’.

Henry Rossiter

What’s your background?

Over 25 years’ experience in top 10 London agencies, such as Y&R, BMP, Ogilvy and Mather, WCRS and Havas London. I’ve worked on everything, both big and small, from automotive to FMCG, and picked up a few awards on the way.

I love a good idea and was brought up on press, posters, radio and TV. And now this new(ish) world of digital, which also relies on good ideas.

To me every brief is an opportunity.

What do you love about creative design and marketing?

Crikey that’s a tricky one, it’s like asking an engineer why he likes being an engineer.

I think you’re born with creativity. It’s something that you have a natural talent for, a way of thinking. I love thinking of ideas, making things work and crafting them. You can’t beat a lovely, simple, clever idea.

I love it when those ideas work in market and help make equity for a brand. If you can get people to engage with and like the work, they will like the brand.

The hard part is making it happen. An idea can pop up anytime, anywhere, but the difficult bit is making it come alive and pushing it to get bought and then making sure it’s executed well so it can live and get noticed.

There’s a big difference between what I call just wallpaper and something that really stands out because it has an idea behind it.

So just like an engineer, when a brief comes in it is to solve a problem. But although we don’t use maths or girders we still build something that works and stands the test of time. It doesn’t matter what it is – a brochure, email, print, poster, TV – they all get an idea engineered into them.

And no, I can’t tell you where ideas come from, except they usually involve lots of cups of tea and staring out the window.

JJ Marketing quotation

What excites you about working at JJ?

I know you hear this often but the people sold JJ to me.
And I love it that you never know what’s going to pop up next to work on.

I’ve worked in some places where there were too many egos and not enough team culture. The work suffers and the clients suffer too.

At JJ, everyone helps each other and we have the talent to cover all areas to move ideas on together. There’s such a variety of work to get my head around.

Are you a coffee or tea man?

Definitely a tea man, helps brew up ideas. Like a nice coffee too though, but try and avoid mixing my drinks. Except builder’s tea with an earl grey in it too (once in a blue moon) I call it ‘posh builders’. Not everyone’s cup of tea!

What have you thought of JJ so far?

So far sooo good.

There is a helpful culture here which suits me down to the ground, as I’m a bit of a helpful Herbert.

The ethos is a ‘yep we can do that’ attitude and we all pull our sleeves up and muck in together. It’s probably one of the nicest places I’ve worked at and believe me that’s saying something.

And everyone makes a mean cuppa. What’s not to like?

Any hobbies?

Wouldn’t you like to know.

Family man, country bumpkin at heart and have lived out here for nearly 25 years. So spend plenty of time outdoors, looking after our menagerie of mainly rescue animals, chickens, ducks, ponies, dogs. Also got pretty good at birding, no, not that kind, the feathered variety. Pretty damn good at recognising birds by sound, my ideal form of tweeting ha ha. Dabble with paint occasionally.

What’s your three desert island items?

Oh super tricky.

Some way for making tea for a start – it may help me think of an idea to get rescued.

I’ll need a chilli plant – I think eating sea urchins and fish may get a little boring after a while, and I’m not sure what sea gull tastes like either!

Pens, paper, paints etc. Plenty of time to practice on a desert island, and I can also jot down the ramblings of a mad man.

Oh yeah, I’ll also need a Bear Grylls book, a machete and fire strike. If all else fails, I can cook and eat the book.

The last word on Henry?

White, no sugar.

Feel like you share Henry’s creative vision, or like what he has to say? Check out our vacancies. We are always excited to meet like-minded individuals.

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