Should businesses be tapping into ‘new’ social media?

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One study published recently found that 84 percent of US brands actively use Facebook in their marketing strategies. This level of competition among brands in the social space has not only led to a saturation of our social feeds but to a race for the next ‘big thing’ – the ‘new’ social media.

But is it right?

The ‘new’ social media

In order to establish whether or how a business should leverage ‘new’ social media, it is worth establishing what it is that makes them new and popular in the first place. Snapchat, Periscope and Meerkat have been around for a long time, in both a public and marketing sense, but what is fuelling their recent growth in popularity is their harnessing of public fascination with live and disposable content.

Delivering honesty

In a world of deceit and scandals unearthed daily, is it any wonder that we crave the honesty and authenticity that these ‘new’ social media platforms deliver?

As a primarily B2B agency, whether or not we would recommend that our clients adopt any of these social media comes down to the same question that we use to justify or dismiss any campaign – is it relevant?

Live product launches, live streamed conferences and Q&As are all content that offers transparency to customers, which is vital regardless of whether you’re B2B or consumer focused. B2Bs, however, do offer the opportunity for something that B2C simply doesn’t – a smaller, more bespoke and receptive audience. The smaller the audience you are speaking to on a platform, the more controlled and targeted you can be, offering the opportunity for more meaningful one-on-one conversations, something robots and chatbots will make easier in the very near future.

B2C, B2B, it doesn’t matter, we increasingly want to spend our money with a person rather than a faceless brand. There’s no better way of establishing this view of your business than through real interaction, which live streaming and disposable content apps provide.

Our chief executive, James Goddard, recently spoke at the International Auto Finance Network on video and its use in the automotive industry. As the car buying journey continues to evolve, so too must the strategies we use to reach our audience. Video is quickly becoming the way people consume media and content and the automotive industry is no different. As James put it in his speech, ‘video can only enhance the experience’, and that goes for any platform or social media that is relevant to both your brand and your customers.

Delivering real value

Should B2B businesses be on “new” social media? Only if they are making the decision based on what would determine any other marketing decision – is it providing real value to our customers and delivering value to your business in return?

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