Push and pull automotive marketing

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  • Push marketing is when you use various communications to get your message in front of your target audience; controlling what the message is, and how, where and when it is seen.
  • Pull marketing is about becoming part of your customers’ communities, giving them reasons to voluntarily engage and draw you into their personal media experiences. You’re not interrupting them – they are voluntarily opting in.

Put simply, push marketing is a bazooka, blasting out the sort of content we may choose to fast-forward on Sky+. Pull marketing is the well-baited hook; the stuff that we share on Facebook and email to our friends. Marketing has always involved both, and always should, but the emphasis is now increasingly on pull.

To put this in an automotive marketing context, push is the loud-mouthed car salesman who talks at you and tells you to ‘buy this car now!’ Pull is the subtle advert that inspires and, in turn, creates demand.

Pull marketing empowers consumers, widens desires and reduces brand snobbery. To be fully effective, it is essential that consumers receive information that is relevant, informative and accessible. In today’s competitive market, consumers have more choice than ever before. Sometimes the overwhelming choice is so powerful we would prefer to make no decision at all. But choice is good, so long as it’s edited, navigable and categorised. Consumers need assistance to navigate the ever blurring sectors and sub sectors of the market. Whether through social media, online or more traditional methods, automotive marketers need to engage with consumers and join their communities – helping them to make effective and informed choices.

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