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The Pancake Day Countdown

On Monday, Twitter saw #PancakeDay trending, prematurely building up the anticipation for Shrove Tuesday – and undoubtedly confusing some users.

We also saw brands launch pancake-related campaigns in the run up to Pancake Day. Last Friday #WorldNutellaDay was trending on Twitter, a perfectly timed international day for the iconic brand to raise its profile just four days before Shrove Tuesday. The trending hashtag positioned Nutella as the perfect accompaniment for your pancakes.

Also perfectly timed, the RSPCA launched its new ethical food label: RSPCA assured. As part of the campaign, the RSPCA encouraged people to buy RSPCA assured eggs when purchasing their pancake ingredients. Supermarket chain Aldi tweeted in support of the campaign.


On Shrove Tuesday, the hashtag #PancakeDay continued to trend on Twitter, with many brands joining in on social media with their pancake-related tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts. Some brands took to Twitter and Facebook with their best pancake puns.

Whilst others used polls to drive audience engagement.

Pancake art and pancake portraits were another big hit. British Gas choose to promote its #PancakeDay tweet, in which pancake mixture was used to create its latest campaign character, Wilbur the Penguin.

Many brands followed this pancake art trend, including Radio X, who used the hashtag #PancakeDay to tweet a pancake portrait of Dave Grohl, and Sainsbury’s who tweeted a creation of Hello Kitty in pancake form.

Instagram also saw many posts with the hashtag #PancakeDay. One user, who describes himself as a ‘dad, teacher, artist and pancake maker’posted an Instagram video of a Super Bowl-themed pancake.

Stand and cheer for the pancakes. .. #pancakeart #pancakeday #broncos #panthers #superbowl A video posted by Nathan Shields (@saipancakes) on

After reporting on the Super Bowl in this article, it was great to see the theme carried through to Pancake Day. The video first depicts the logo of the Carolina Panthers and then when flipped it appears to change to the Denver Broncos logo. Supermarket giant, Tesco made sure that its social media presence didn’t go unnoticed with its promoted UK trend #PancakeHelp. Twitter users used this hashtag to share their pancake problems and related questions, although many users mocked the hashtag, stating that pancakes aren’t really that difficult to make. Other than replying to users, Tesco made use of its own promoted hashtag to showcase sweet and savoury recipes.

Others posted unique brand-related content in an attempt to create a buzz. Haribo and Original Source illustrated their witty social presence with humorous tweets and carefully created images.

And as we would expect, foodies including Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Instagram famous Symmetry Breakfast shared these mouth-watering Instagram posts in celebration of pancake day.

How do #PancakeDay posts benefit brands?

Using social media to join in with trending light-hearted topics is a great way for brands to showcase their online personas. Whether they position themselves as knowledge leaders and a source for help, such as Tesco, or use social to position themselves as entertaining or creative, joining in with online conversation and trending topics can be an effective way of developing an online personality, engaging with followers and influencers and, in turn, creating deeper consumer relationships. So I bet you’re wondering after all this how JJ celebrated Pancake Day. With as many toppings as possible of course.

Pancake Day at JJ! #howdoyouhaveyours #pancakes #sweetorsavoury ???????? A photo posted by JJ Marketing (@we_are_jj) on

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Happy #PancakeDay!

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