Investing In Employees

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This brief cartoon captures so well a false, yet still frequent dilemma of many companies. Fear of losing staff limits investment. Luckily at JJ, training is part of our culture and commitment to developing our teams through our dedicated programme, making us a destination agency for best-in-class talent.

We’ve got a great mix of people here at JJ with excellent knowledge across marketing, design, digital, PR, events and more. This is mostly down to experience, but this knowledge also comes from our commitment to training our staff to ensure we keep providing the best insight.

Not only does all this training benefit our clients, it keeps Team JJ motivated too. We are very proud of our industry leading staff retention rates and even when people leave us they often come back!

While some courses are mandatory to ensure consistency, we also let Team JJ choose which courses they would like to go on and everyone has an individual annual training allowance. We want our employees to engage with what they are learning, and to be excited about applying this new found knowledge to their current projects.

And it’s not just about courses – what about heroes? Going to see someone you admire give an inspirational lecture is often a low cost, low time way to develop our team. We’ve seen some amazing speakers through the London Business School, the IPA, The Drum and The British Library. Talking of libraries we are rather proud of ours and we have a great sharing culture for the latest must have industry reads.

In summary we borrow our training mantra from Jack Welch “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

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