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The Give Blood NHS #MissingType campaign had a huge impact when it ran last year, so we’re thrilled to see it dominating our newsfeeds this week.

You can see the full supporting video ad below.

The campaign is running across 21 countries and with prominent brands such as Microsoft, Boots and even the Mayor of London showing their support, it’s working by spreading awareness far and wide.

Charity marketing

Charity marketing is a subject we care very much about at JJ and working across a number of charities ourselves, we understand the difficulties that come with getting people to really listen to what you have, and need, to say.

The #MissingType campaign was a huge success last year as a result of the social media activity that was carried out, with 60 influencers showing their support. This resulted in over 30,000 people registering to donate. This level of impact is unlikely to have been possible without the strategic use of social media advertising. While TV and other traditional media formats are still a huge part of the mix, the aim of this campaign was broad public awareness, an objective that aligns itself particularly well to social media.

Last year, 1,000 brands showed their support on Twitter, there were 26,121 uses of #NationalBloodWeek and #MissingType on the platform and 478,480 people engaged with the campaign on Facebook. These are impressive figures that pay testament to the good nature of the campaign and cause illustrating that, when used effectively, social media really can break through the noise.

Get involved now and register to give blood with NHS Blood and Transplant and show your support online with #MissingType.

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