A day in the life of a Senior Account Manager

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As an award-winning marketing communications agency, we’re pretty proud of our achievements, but we wouldn’t be anywhere without our dedicated and imaginative staff, the JJ’ers. While we know they’re great at their jobs, we thought we’d give them a chance to tell the world about themselves. There’s also the added bonus of their own mothers finding out what they do.

Day in the life of a Senior Account Manager

So for their benefit, and your interest, we’ve compiled the ‘Day in the life of’ series. Get to know the JJ’ers, their skills and exactly what a marketing agency is all about. Because it turns out we do an awful lot.

Well there you have it. We pride ourselves on having a team full of personality and their talent and hard work for clients is what makes JJ the success that it is. Check back here for another edition of ‘A day in the life of’ soon or follow us on Twitter to find out the latest marketing insights and news.

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