Burst that balloon

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Imagine you’re at a party. Music’s playing in the background, there’s a gentle hum of chit chat. But you’re standing against the wall and nobody seems to have noticed you. Nibbling another canapé, you cradle your drink and scan the room.

You’d like to talk to these people – and you’ve got some great things to say. Things that are really relevant to them. You can truly bring something to the party by telling them stuff that they really care about, which matters to them, which can help them. Trouble is, nobody’s paying you any attention.

A man walks past. He seems like the kind of guy you want to strike up a conversation with.

“Excuse me…” you say. But he doesn’t hear you and he carries on walking.

A woman heads in your general direction. She looks approachable. “Hi, I don’t suppose…” She walks straight past you. You’re ignored.

Then you spot it. Next to you, on the floor, there’s a big balloon. And beside it, there’s a needle.

You pick up the balloon in one hand and the needle in the other.

Every single person in the room turns to look at you. Now you’ve been noticed.

You’ve got your audience and you say: “I didn’t mean to startle everyone. But there’s something that I need to tell you.”

Don’t blend in with the content crowd

Think about all the content that’s out there. We get bombarded with it every single day. TV, ads, radio, web, social, print, infographics, reports, analysis, video, email. It’s relentless.

There’s never been more content. But this time tomorrow there’ll be more. And the day after that there’ll be more still. You get the picture.

The question needs to be – how are you going to get people’s attention? Because if you don’t stand out, you’re just another face in the content crowd.

So take a look at your competitors, your audience, what you’ve got to say, how you’re going to say it and in amongst all of that, work out a way to get attention.

Burst that balloon.


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