Aldi take on John Lewis

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You may have seen the now famous ‘Show someone they’re loved’ John Lewis Christmas TV ad. But there has been a development.

We all know how the John Lewis Christmas Ad formula works. Mix a commercial tune with some nice emotional message and sell a load of product featured in the spot.

This year’s effort sees a little girl sending a lonely old man who lives on the moon a Christmas present delivered by balloons.

The present turns out to be a telescope so they can see each other and communicate.

It’s all very nice and all part of a multi-million-pound campaign to win our hearts and share of wallet and buy the odd telescope for Christmas.

But wait, there is another brand out there who has timed its Christmas run to perfection with a very strategic radio and TV ad. In line with its ‘I like this one’ campaign, Aldi, everybody’s favourite value supermarket, has decided to sell premium telescopes as part of its Christmas offering at £69.99.

This is no coincidence of course but a strategy from a very hungry brand eager to exploit another unsuspecting brand with a quite brilliant bit of retail marketing.

Oh, if you’re wondering, the price for a John Lewis ‘The Man on the Moon’ telescope featured in the ad, it’s £99.95.

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