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Utilities Marketing

The importance of clear communications as a utility brand

23/02/2017 | Amy Garrett

Whether you saw it on the evening news, read it in your morning paper or heard it on the radio, you can’t fail to have heard that thousands of consumers …

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JJ introduces Rick Gillham

JJ Introduces Rick Gillham


We’re a hardworking, creative integrated agency, and we get very excited when we find someone who acts and thinks a lot like us. We’re only as good as our people …

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SEAT store intu Lakeside

JJ helps SEAT make its marque in Lakeside


When SEAT opened a retail store at intu Lakeside Shopping Centre, it represented a new way of buying and selling its cars. But it needed to create awareness and drive …

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2016 Car Forecourt

2016 new car registrations were not just about winners

10/01/2017 | Andrew Andersz

Another year of record registrations with a total of nearly 2.7 million new cars on the road (or very close to it, the road that is!) sees most media coverage …

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JJ's 2017 predictions

JJ’s 2017 Predictions


Much like our 2016 predictions, many of the big ideas we predict for 2017 are based on emerging trends and technology. This has proved to be a successful strategy, with a …

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car market share

Are German premium brands threatening Vauxhall’s market share?

07/12/2016 | Andrew Andersz

Ten years ago, nearly 30% of new car registrations were either a Ford or a Vauxhall, now it’s just 21%. Meanwhile, over the same period, combined registrations of Audi, BMW …

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JJ Insight_truffle programmatic1

Why programmatic is like truffle hunting

28/11/2016 | Barney Sayce

Programmatic media buying and more specifically optimisation towards conversions is something of a double-edged sword. While it can maximise your campaign results, it’ll also minimise your sleep while you try …

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Personalised content marketing

The Personal Touch

11/11/2016 | Barney Sayce

Whether it’s a birthday present to show how much you care or a pair of trainers that are completely unique, we’ve all found ourselves exploring the world of personalisation at …

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Battle of the smartphones

The spotlight on the battle of the smartphones


It’s been hard to escape recently, so the smartphone marketing battle seemed the most appropriate topic for this month’s edition of our Spotlight series. From the tech and spec through …

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JJ Marketing article for CarWow

The new car buying journey


UPDATE: We’re very proud to have had this article featured in carwow Magazine. Looking at how the car buying process has evolved since the introduction of digital buying platforms, such as …

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