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Online customer experience improvement increases bookings

The Brief

Nikon is one of the world's leading suppliers of products and solutions based on advanced opto-electronics and precision technologies. Nikon School is Nikon UK’s photography training centre of excellence and aims to educate and inspire.

After the successful launch of the Nikon In-Frame magazine portal website, JJ was asked to redesign the Nikon School website and its training course booking systems.
The project was also focused on improving business efficiency, and we were tasked with reducing manual human administration input through automation of the online course's management and communications systems.

Our Approach

Firstly, an extensive review of the existing web analytics, user feedback issues, technological requirements and process efficiencies was completed.

We then reworked the entire user journey with an evidenced context of use to define our solution.
Through persona journey planning and wireframes of all content hierarchy plans for multiple devices, we redesigned the School website to increase online bookings.
We spent time getting existing user feedback to research existing user experience pain points to work out where elements of the Information Architecture could be improved. The aim was to help customers buy their courses quickly and simply, but also relieve the Nikon team of some of the more laborious and time-consuming administration tasks.
The bulk of the project required creating a full eCommerce specification and system of components to suit the journey of purchasing a place on a course(s). The new system had to not only facilitate course content management but assist with the huge amounts of admin involved in setting up courses and customisation of factors such as participant numbers, different venues, and locations.


A cleaner, simpler on-brand design with a much more intuitive user experience.

A customer can now buy a course quickly and simply. And because the site looks and feels more professional, visitors are spending even time browsing the site content, and ultimately the number of bookings is increasing.
Online bookings are now dealt with by the website’s custom-built content management system, which automates many booking administration and communications activity. So, instead of spending time on responding to booking enquiries, the team can increase focus on customer training and revenue generation.

What they said about us

We set the objectives and the JJ team surpassed these bringing even more new ideas.

The new Nikon School website has received many favourable comments which is fantastic – it has exceeded our expectations and is already making an impact on the wider business, easing the online management of courses content, as well as significantly reducing the time required to administer bookings, and allowing staff to increase their focus on the training instead.

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