Euler Hermes


Euler Hermes – Oldest and largest provider of trade credit insurance

A subsidiary of Allianz, Euler Hermes is the world’s leading provider of business credit insurance for SMEs and Corporates

The brief

Raise awareness of the Euler Hermes brand and the benefits of credit insurance among 800,000 SME and 1,000 Corporate prospects

Capture prospects, generate enquiries and convert to customers


Faced with the challenge of targeting two different audiences (key decision makers within SMEs and in larger Corporates) we recognised that we had to vary the creative, messaging and approach to ensure maximum engagement.

For the corporate audience our creative focussed on introducing the brand and encouraging the download of an in-depth economic research report centred around global business insolvencies. Prospects were captured using a range of tactics, including DM, email and LinkedIn, where they were directed to an optimised landing page to download the ‘gated’ report. Anyone downloading the report could then be contacted by telemarketing, to convert them into a new customer for Euler Hermes.

Converting into customers

For the SME audience, our experience of the sector informed our creative. It had to stand out in an environment that’s often formal and dry. Our illustrative, cartoon style was rolled out to capture prospects across key media such as and, as well as LinkedIn promoted posts. All advertising was supported by an email campaign. Both LinkedIn and the email campaign trialled three core messages (introductory, offer-led and content-based).

Last but not least, sales support collateral was provided to the client’s telemarketing team to enable them to respond to enquiries and, ultimately, convert the target audience into customers.


 The results

  • Six contracted business deals to date, already delivering an ROI of 4:1
  • A further 44 highly qualified corporate leads

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