The Brief

Arval is one of Europe’s largest vehicle leasing companies and is owned by BNP Paribas, one of the world’s largest banks. In November 2016 Arval reached one million leased vehicles across the globe.

We were tasked to raise awareness of Arval as a leading leasing company, educate fleet decision makers and generate quality leads for the SME team.

Our Approach

The target audience was reached through an informed content strategy. Using insight gained through paid activity and amplification techniques, the content answered specific questions they may have such as “what is contract hire?” and “manual or automatic?” It enhanced SEO and ensured Arval ranked organically for key search terms covering all stages of the buyer’s journey.

While our content and SEO strategy is boosting website visibility and resulting in a significant uplift in web KPIs, we’ve also had to capture people further down the funnel who are closer to the point of purchase, and are looking for a specific vehicle on contract hire.

This is where our comprehensive AdWords strategy comes in, capturing record numbers of in-market buyers 95% of whom are searching for specific vehicles.

Combine this with our programmatic advertising activity and you have a winning formula – a powerful combination of strategy, compelling creative and digital tactics all working together.

The Results

Record numbers of leads and leased vehicles

207% increase in web traffic year-on-year. Total page views up 37% to more than 850,000 over the same period. A year-on-year increase of nearly 10,000 vehicles in Arval’s fleet.

What they said about us

JJ’s expertise gave us little doubt that they would deliver success.

This wasn’t an easy project to tackle but when it came to the execution, JJ’s work meant we were anticipating really positive results. And we got them.

Where to next?

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