The Brief

UCB Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company present in over 40 countries across the world. JJ has been working with UCB Pharma for nearly a decade across its consumer facing Zirtek antihistamine brand in Ireland.

Our task? To identify consumers with high propensity to buy allergy treatments, raise awareness of Zirtek among the core audience, educate both consumers and pharmacists on the benefits of Zirtek over the competition and ultimately drive sales through the pharmacy channel in an increasingly competitive market.

Our Approach

Who is most likely to buy the product? How does the typical Zirtek buyer compare with buyers of other antihistamine products available over-the-counter? Our first task was to find this out.

Our planning team carried out an extensive research piece on the Irish market and identified our core audience as females, ABC1, 25-45 years old.

We delivered a multi-faceted campaign ranging from social media, Sky Adsmart, programmatic advertising and point of sale.

In a highly regulated sector, our social strategy involves hundreds of engaging posts pre-planned and pre-approved to run each calendar year. With the emphasis on driving engagement through competitions our audience is now 10k strong, and highly representative of the target market.

Alongside our social activity, we ran a highly targeted programmatic TV campaign through Sky AdSmart and programmatic advertising campaign aimed at the target audience and driving awareness amongst consumers, and further embedding Zirtek as a desirable product in the minds of pharmacists.

To then convert this awareness to sales, we equipped pharmacies with a range of eye-catching POS and educational materials, all ensuring that Zirtek was the product of choice at the point of purchase.

The Results

In an increasingly competitive market, Zirtek has retained its UK sales share and showed significant growth in Ireland.

Zirtek remains the leading antihistamine brand for allergy sufferers in Ireland. Market share remains robust in a fiercely competitive market. A 2017 brand tracker survey shows a significant uplift in consideration for Zirtek as a direct result of the extensive awareness campaign implemented by JJ.

What they said about us

JJ has been providing valuable input and support in terms of planning and executing successful social media campaigns for the Zirtek brand for a number of years.

Their expertise has enabled the brand to benefit from the use of a valuable communications channel that, prior to these campaigns, was considered too challenging to maximise.

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