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Happy Back to the Future day #BTTF!

Published: 21/10/2015 | AUTHOR: Sadie Walden

Flying Car

Today is the day Marty McFly landed in 2015.

To celebrate we’re taking a look at all the things Back to the Future II predicted we’d have by now, and some of the things it missed.

The product placement in the film wasn’t exactly subtle, with brands such as Nike and Western Union lining up to show us their future. But did they deliver?

1. Pepsi Perfect

 Pepsi Perfect

To celebrate today, Pepsi are releasing 6,500 Pepsi Perfect bottles for $20.15 each (as in 2015).

2. Hover boards & Flying Cars

HoverboardFlying Car

Although they are not as mainstream as the film predicted they would be, Lexus recently unveiled their hover board. JJ has also dabbled in the technology.

JJ Hoverboard: It’s here! #JJHover #LexusHover #hover #hoverboard #lexus #lexusuk

A video posted by JJ Marketing (@we_are_jj) on

Much like the hover board, flying cars have been invented, but there is a way to go before they hit the mainstream market.

3. Nike Power Laces

2011 Air MAGS

Although Nike released the special edition Air MAG in 2011, the laces didn’t tie themselves. However there have been whispers that they are on their way!

4. Jaws 19 and 3D advertising

While we only got four JAWS films, franchises today are a big part of the film industry (Fast & Furious or the Marvel Comics films for example).

We also have 3D films, although they aren’t interactive yet! Many online ads are interactive, with some even personalised.

5. Mr Fusion

Mr Fusion

No Mr Fusion yet, but we do have electric cars, and Toyota argue the Mirai comes close.

6. Biometrics

BiometricsTouch id

While the majority of households still use keys, biometrics are increasingly common with many of us using our thumbprint to unlock our iPhones on a very regular basis.

7. Video Calls

Video Calls

Video calls are now the norm, with Skype having 300 million users, and between 15-20 million FaceTime calls being made daily.

8. Gaming / VR

VROculous Rift

Fast forward to 2015 and VR technologies like the Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLense are set to hit households next year.

Arguably all of these things exists because the film gave its generation the inspiration to go forth and invent (or avoid in the case of the clothes), but what about the things the film missed?
Absolutely no mention of internet, mobiles and social media – which are ironically the three biggest inventions that we could not live without in 2015.

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